Fantastic Beaches in Paris for You to Visit

Paris Private Tour

Paris Private Tour

Paris is a wonderful location to head to during your vacation as it offers a lot for you to see and enjoy ranging from its historical monuments to the rustic countryside views. It will never disappoint anyone as there is a wide range of many awesome activities to indulge in this city irrespective of your age, gender, race, culture, etc. Hence, Paris private tour remains as a top priority for people from people all across the world.

The increasing number of tourists from all over the world is a symbol of the acceptance this city got. Hence, if you are pondering over where to enjoy your vacation, then stop thinking and head to this spectacular city where you get to enjoy each and every moment of your trip.

There are a large number of famous attractions and popular landmarks in Paris that will be always bustling with activities and brimming with people. Wandering around these destinations is a great experience as you will get to enjoy the real essence of Paris. However, after spending long hours wandering around the busy city, you might want to relax and let off some steam. If you are looking for a suitable location to relax for sometime, then the beaches around Paris will be a wonderful option.

Paris has to offer some exotic beaches which lie at close proximity to the city. They boast some pretty views along with the beauty of its sparkling water. Through this article, we list some magnificent beaches near Paris that you will definitely want to visit during your Paris private tour.

Les Calanques De Cassis – Marseille

This is a breathtakingly beautiful destination that will definitely leave you smitten with its super blue water, gold grained sand and mesmerizing greenery of the area surrounding it. The beach lies between Cassis and the city of Marseille and is tucked in fjords. It showcases stunning bays that are surrounded by marvellous scenery and blue jewel waters. This is one among the best Paris beaches that attract a lot of tourists.

This beach is truly a paradise for nature lovers. The shoreline of this beach has some great spots that will create a wonderful background for your social media photos. This beach is so beautiful that you can’t help falling in love with it.

Plage De La Côte Des Basques – Biarritz

This is another picturesque beach in Paris that offers a lot of fantastic views. Crashing high tides, wild surroundings, scenic boulders, etc. portrays the aesthetics of this beautiful destination. If you want to have a quiet and serene atmosphere away from the busy city, then this is the perfect destination for you. This beach creates the best location for a family to go for an outing.

You can also indulge in a lot of activities here, from sunbathing to swimming in its cool waters and surfing. The playful waves here attract a lot of surfers as this makes an exciting place for them to surf calmly.

Prado Beach – Marseille

If you want to have some fun time, head straight to the Prado beach. It offers a lot of exciting and thrilling water sports activities for its visitors. This is an ideal location for you to spend a vacation with your friends and family, as there are a lot of interesting activities you can do here.

If you want to relax for some time, then head to the “ParcBalneaire”, which is a long and stretched open area along the shore of this beach.

The coastline will be always brimming with activities. You can do a wide range of activities including surfing, swimming, etc., or you can simply take a stroll along the coastline to take in the beauty of this beach to its fullest.

Etretat – Normandy

This is a great place where you can enjoy natural beauty at its best. The surroundings of this beach are adorned with elegant white boulders, imposing cliffs and a lot of other beautiful structures. All these features make this beach one of the most picturesque and scenic beaches near Paris.

The sunset here is very special as all the lights along with the rays of the sun create a magical spell that will leave you mesmerized. This is a great destination for those who are planning a getaway with family and friends during your Paris city tours. Beauty, tranquillity, and joy co-exist in this place together.

Deauville Beach – Normandy

This is the closest beach to Paris and is really easy to access. It has a fantastic boardwalk that is perfect for couples to take a romantic stroll. This is a wonderful destination to enjoy the fascinating view of a breathtaking sunset.

The combination of beautiful turquoise water and the golden sand makes this a popular destination for tourists. There are a lot of umbrellas, Parasols and huts that are lined across the shore that will help you to enjoy the magnificent view of the sea while resting on its sand. This is also a fantastic destination for you to head to during your Paris private tour.