A Helpful Guide to Exploring L’OfficineUniverselle Buly

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L’OfficineUniverselle Buly or Buly is one of the most popular and ancient cosmetics shops in the French capital. Even though the Buly products are popular in the international market, you can purchase it only at Parisian stores. So, you can add this to your Paris shopping list during your Paris tour. The main highlights that make Buly different from other cosmetic shops all over the world are their history, packaging style, philosophy, and products.

The story of this unique cosmetic shop began in 1803 when the distiller, cosmetician, and perfumer, Jean-Vincent Bully created some distinct formulations that changed the perspective of cosmetic world. He introduced some trend-setting formulations in the market when the cosmetic and perfume industry was just booming. Unsurprisingly, he became an inspiration to several cosmeticians and perfumers at that time. Even though the company was one of the top-rated options in the cosmetic field for a while, it lost its shine eventually. However, the company made a huge come back recently by making some changes and featuring beauty products that are completely natural.

As you walk into the Buly boutique store, you will be welcomed by the striking interiors that reflect the charisma and panache of the 17th and 18th-century apothecaries. Undoubtedly, it will be like stepping back in time. You will be amazed by the beauty of their golden marble countertops, rich wood cabinets, astonishingly worn tile floor, etc. In fact, not even a single detail is overlooked in the store. You can see an artistic touch even in the ceiling beams of the shop. Note that the ceiling beam is highlighted by painting it with a floral pattern that was all in vogue during the time of Queen Elizabeth. To add to this, you may see an antique frosted brass faucet that is designed like a golden goose.

As you walk in, you can see a number of fragrant perfumes on the countertops. Note that the perfumes sold at Buly are free of alcohol since the company feels that alcohol will be too harsh on the skin of their customers. Plus, it will affect the lasting period of the perfumes. On the other side, you can see a range of vegetable oils that are made using natural ingredients from all over the globe. While it includes some common options such as lavender and tea tree oil, it boasts some rare and exotic ingredients such as prickly pear and carrot oil as well.

Behind the vegetable oil section, you can see a huge glass showcase that features numerous appealing glass jars that are filled with dried ingredients. You can use these ingredients while bathing or in your facial mask and scrub. If you are unaware of the uses of different ingredients, the sales people at Buly will be always there for your help. In short, it will be a wonderful experience to explore and shop from L’OfficineUniverselle Buly.