Louvre Museum is a Tourist Hub in Paris

Louvre Museum Tours
Louvre Museum Tours

Tourist Hubs In Paris

To put it in simple words, Paris is the capital city of France, full of elegance and beauty. However, it is much more in regards to the tourist attractions housed here. Tourists could gain Parisian knowledge through museums, art and culture, or anything that moves them. Amid all that glitters in Paris, the Louvre museum is a tourist hub. The Louvre structure can be spotted from the banks of the Seine. Being one of the famous landmarks in Europe, Louvre has plenty of antique pieces and iconic works. Below is a short note on the museum and its magnificence.

Nicknamed Musee Du Louvre in French

Did you know Louvre museum was one of the fortresses of King Phillip II? It was on August 10, 1793, that Louvre turned into the museum as we know of today. The Louvre opened with some great works that set a legacy for the generations that follow. In French, the museum is nicknamed the Musee De Louvre.

Inside Museum Tours Charm

The gallery inside has some famous Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, including the Mona Lisa. The inside museum tour goes at a frolic pace, and it may take around 3 hours to finish. A glimpse of other sites can be seen from the giant staircases or the large museum hall.

Skipping the Line is a Mastered Skill

The museum opens every day except Thursdays. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the entrance gates stay open until 09.45 in the evening. Other than that, the Louvre holidays include January 1, May 1, and Christmas. The museum cues are renowned not only in Paris but also everywhere in the world. Skipping the line is a skill in itself when crowds pop up.

Curators Take Care of Louvre Wonders

  1. Antiques of Egypt
  2. The Greek
  3. Civilizations of Etruscan, Ancient Rome
  4. Nigh-Eastern Antique
  5. Arts of Islam
  6. Anonymous Paintings
  7. The Sculpture
  8. Decorative Arts and Portraits

The curators tend to have plenty to look after during Louvre museum tours.

Free Tip: There is a Museum Pass

Planning is essential since half a day would get you enough sights for the stomach. Taking a guide along with you is highly recommended during crowded days. It would seem great to access freely and come back learning the nuances of Louvre. There would be subtle nuances between the paintings inside any museum in Paris, for that matter. The city gets to buzzing mode elsewhere too.