Seven Tram Routes in Paris

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Following the present scenario of turning back to the more environment-friendly ways society used to abide by, Parisians are reviving their legacy of the Paris trams. These do not produce fumes like cars or buses. They are not as expensive as metros to build. Trams can take you to those inner areas of the city where a metro could not. At present, there are mainly 8 Tram routes in the city of Lights.

  • TI

This route connects St. Denis with Noisy-le-Sec, which is in the northern part of the city. The best thing about this path is that it takes to very near to other important transit stations, or more precisely, that it encounters La Courneuve Station of the M7 Metro line at Aubervilliers. The tram, when passing over the River Seinebridge, provides pure scenic bliss.

  • T2

In the southern region, the business district of La Defense is connected to Porte de Versailles is known as Trans Val de Seine line. The suburbs are linked to the mainland with T2. These are independent of the roads.

  • T3

The connection of a Metro Station with that of an RER (Regional Express Network) station is best utilized by the Paris Tram on T3. It starts from Pont du Gariglianoand, and ends at Porte d’Ivry. This is an extended version of the light rail which used to run in the French capital. It takes you to the west, east, or north from the south, or vice-versa.

  • T5

These rubber-tired trams, starting from Marche de St. Denis, has become a lifeline to the public of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, and those of Locheres in Sarcelles. Besides these daily commuters, travelers from abroad also take part of their Paris city tour on T5, to experience the shopping of original food products at St. Denis Market.

  • T6

Connecting Chatillon with Villacoublay, the tram runs along Montrougeand Velizy. T6 has two underground tunnels, passing through the municipalities of Meudon, Fontenay-aux-Roses, Clamart and Velizy- Villacoublay. It has 20m deep platform stations.

  • T7

The trams running along T7, connecting Villejuif –Louis Aragon with Athis-Mons, are more like the conventional European trams. These could take you to Orly Airport with sure ease, but you have to stay attentive because that won’t be the last station on the line.

  • T8

Tram line T8 links St. Denis- Porte de Paris with Epinay- Orgemont. Service is centered currently in the outskirts of the City, but Paris plans to extend its connectivity to more places, which would be fruitful to tourists.