Soaking in Artistic Splendor at the 59 Rue De Rivoli in Paris

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Paris never fails to impress its visitors, as each visit will stir up something new. This could be in the form of a surprise discovery of an attraction missed out on a Paris city tour or an event schedule in a particular season. For patrons of the arts, the city is indeed a treasure house of numerous such attractions in the form of little-known museums to streets suffused with art. Standing out from all this is the 59 Rue De Rivoli that has all the atmosphere to be an art lover’s true delight.

In fact, this 19th Century building is now home to struggling artists and the walls both outer and inner soaked in art in all its forms. Besides being a place of residence, the 59 Rue De Rivoli allows visitors, as it is a gallery, a museum, and a studio, making it a remarkable attraction in the first arrondissement of Paris. You could spot the building easily during a stroll through the central arrondissement in Paris, as its dazzling artworks posted on its walls never cease to attract a passerby.

A Bit of History

The origins of the building go back to the 19th Century when it was originally occupied by a national bank. It functioned there for quite a while, but was abandoned after a couple of years. The building was then left with no occupants with its doors sealed using brick and concrete, until when several artists occupied the place in 1999 and used it to display their works to the public.

59 Rue De Rivoli quickly began to attract more artists who discovered the immense potential of the place as a residence and a studio. Soon enough, the building and its thriving art movement displeased the authorities and they tried to use force to expel the artists from the building. However, their plans failed due to public support and media coverage. The building finally became a place of residence and gallery, as it is now, with the intervention of the Mayor of Paris in 2009.

Inside the 59 Rue De Rivoli

This icon of Paris artistic counter-culture is surely the best place to visit for art lovers. The entire building both its inside and outside is covered in artworks like posters, banners, graffiti, paintings, sketches, and text. Its six stories are laid out with artworks that cover every inch of the walls and space available. Visitors will find the staircase particularly interesting and the rooms known for their different themes.

Currently, about 20 artists permanently reside in the 59 Rue De Rivoli. There are even artists who occupy its creative space on a temporary basis. Visitors can interact with the artists and even get a chance to see them in action creating their new artworks. Besides, some of the artworks are also available for purchase.