The Best Parisian Spots to Visit before It Get Too Expensive

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Every element in Paris offers an enchanting aura irrespective of how old it is. However, a wave of gentrification can be seen in Paris from the past few years. This process is more evident in the 10th, 11th, and 20th arrondissements. This whole redevelopment is to convert once a working-class charm to modern 21st-century trends. Hence, you can expect a price hike at most of the Parisian spots once they are completely refurbished. Without any doubts, it is better to visit all such places before the gentrification sweeps through the entire city. Below are two of the best lesser-known and quirky places in the French capital that you may consider paying a visit before it gets too expensive.

L’Entrée des Artistes

This is a French bar-restaurant located at 30 Rue Victor Masse and is a perfect option enjoying cocktails, delicious Bistrot cuisine, and wine that are severed through to midnight. You will be amazed to know that this bar is open from 07:30 pm to 02:00 pm. Note that this timing is extremely unusual for Parisian restaurants. Furthermore, you cannot expect the same menu in the restaurant every week since it is weekly updated depending on the seasonal products available. The pricing is reasonable when compared to food quality, presentation, and artistic vibes offered by L’Entrée des Artistes.

Note that you can enjoy a drool-worthy starter, flawlessly crafted main course, and a dessert that is too perfect to eat within a maximum cost of €35. On top of that, there is an amazing jazz club that particularly admires the disco soul and a large dance floor that spins till 05:00 am each weekend. Despite all this, the restaurant location in Pigalle has a bad reputation and hence, the number of tourists flocking to this place is relatively less. So, better explore this restaurant before the renovation woks hit this neighborhood and the price gets high.

Theatre de la Porte St Martin

This is an underrated theater located at 18 Boulevard Saint-Martin and hence, the tourist crowd at this place is extremely low when compared to its counterparts. The theater currently sells tickets for the immaculately designed theater shows here at a starting range of just €12 and the maximum price range is €60, which is worth the grand set up of the stage and shows. In fact, the entire set up may remind you of the locations of old French movies. Hence, exploring this lesser-known theater will be an affordable and great choice for all the photography lovers and classic movie buffs out there.

With the actors setting the stage on fire, the pristine makeup, lavish costumes, and other elaborate details, you are likely to experience an imaginary trip to the Versailles TV series of BBC Four. Besides, visitors under 26 years of age can purchase tickets at an unbelievable rate of €10. However, make sure to bring your ID cards to avail this offer.