The Best Parks and Gardens in the French Capital

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The French capital is home to some of the perfectly manicured and maintained gardens and parks in the world. Most of these parks are perfect to enjoy an afternoon stroll or to play with your children. If required, you can take a small nap beside any of the captivating fountains at these parks. If you have a Paris city tour on the horizon and would love to venture some of the best parks and gardens in the city, you may refer to the list given below.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Located in the 6th arrondissement, this is one of the most popular gardens in the city. The fact that the garden is right at the heart of the city made it an accessible option for the visitors. This also contributed to its popularity. In fact, this is a popular destination that is equally loved by tourists and locals. This astounding garden was created by Marie de Medici in the 16th century as a part of the majestic Luxembourg palace. Currently, the palace serves as a senate and features a number of entertaining activities. The main highlight of the Luxembourg garden is the eye-popping fountain at the center. Kids can sail in it using the old-fashioned sailboats, which you can hire from the shops in the park. Different sailboats will have the flags of different countries and are navigated only by means of a stick and gentle breeze. Apart from this, you can see a puppet theater, multiple playgrounds, and a carousel on the premises to make your family vacation even more exciting. After a day full of adrenaline pumping activities, you can relax at any of the cafes or gazebos in the park.

Jardin des Tuileries

Another popular garden that is regarded as an important staple of French history is the Jardin des Tuileries. This amazing oasis is located in between the renowned Louvre museum and palace de la Concorde.  Just like Jardin du Luxembourg, this immaculate garden is created by another queen named Catherine de Medici in the 15th century as a part of the Tuileries palace. Hence, it got the name. However, the palace got its name from the ancient 13th-century factories that were used to make roof tiles. Note that the meaning of Tuileries in English is factories. Furthermore, this amazing piece of land is located at the opposite ground of the majestic Louvre museum. This garden was renovated multiple times according to the whims of the kings who stayed at the palace. Throughout the history of the garden, it served as a riding circuit, hunting ground, orangery, etc. Currently, this is a beautiful tourist destination that features several fountains, grounds, parks, rides, etc.