The Best Things to Do In the Louvre Tuileries

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Paris is an enchanting city that is rich with beauty, romance, culture, and whatnot. Without any doubts, it will be so exciting to explore Paris. However, the question is whether you will be able to experience the French capital to the fullest during a short trip, especially with so much going on in the city. Note that this European city is crammed with an eclectic range of attractions such as museums, parks, gardens, restaurants, etc. Hence, the task will be quite challenging and overwhelming.

If you are also facing the same dilemma, it is better to shortlist a few national landmarks that you love to venture. Choose something that is an important staple of the city. One of the best options that you may consider in this case is the Louvre Tuileries area, which is sure to give you heavenly vibes. Below is a list of the amazing things that you can do in this captivating area.

The Louvre

Of course, you cannot wrap up your Paris city tours without venturing the popular Louvre museum irrespective of whether or not you are an art lover. On a related note, this is the largest art museum in the world and is also regarded as one of the most visited ones of its kind. The exhibits in the museums are sure to take to the bygone eras and you can mark it as a beautiful and never-ending experience.

In case you find it hard to view your favorite artworks because of the tourist crowd, you can simply walk around the museum and be mesmerized by its wondrous architecture. After all, who can resist the beauty of the gleaming glass pyramids in the courtyard? Seal the moment forever by clicking some amazing photographs.

The Tuileries garden

Then, head on to the nearby oasis, the Tuileries garden, which is one of the best places in the capital city of France to relax. The garden is beautified with an amazing fountain, colorful blooms, and a pond. Unsurprisingly, the perfectly manicured garden looks just magical. You can find some food stalls around the garden from where you can relish some of the authentic French dishes and beverages.

On top of that, the Seine river running alongside the Tuileries garden make it look like a location from some fairytale. You can also enjoy the distant sight of the popular Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel from the garden. Note that the Arc de Triomphe is a significant symbol of the nation and is one of ten most popular landmarks here. This architectural masterpiece is located in the center of the Palace du Carousel.