The Main Tourist Attractions in Montmartre Neighborhood in Paris

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Walking the cobblestone streets of Montmartre may seem like an uphill task but there are many tourist attractions to be enjoyed in this Parisian neighborhood. If one walks up to Place du Tertre public square in Montmartre, sightseers get to see many indigenous artists lined up in the pavements there with easels and canvas waiting for an opportunity to draw somebody’s portrait.

Other than that, those on Paris walking tours, can access Sacré Cœur Basilica nearby the square. Sacré Cœur is a must-visit attraction in the City of Lights. Sitting on top of a hillock, the cathedral offers to tourists panoramic views of the cityscapes.

Another wonderful place to visit when on a walk in Montmartre is a cemetery that gets its name from the neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The Montmartre Cemetery is a haven to wandering cats, which even has an association that volunteers feeding cats. The cemetery nearby Sacré-Coeur is full of chestnut, maple and other kinds of trees, which make it perfect to explore by foot.

Its famous resting place is that of a music star named Dalida, whose tombstone is the most visited and worshipped in the cemetery. The cult singer even has a public square devoted to her known as Place Dalida, which resides nearby the Montmartre Vineyard and the cemetery. It retains the medieval charm of Paris City and is best walked with a native Parisian.

When walking through Place des Abbesses square in Montmartre, you will come across Le Mur des Je t’aime or The Wall of I love You. It is one of the most romantic places, which you should explore through Paris walking tours. If you are a romantic or even a linguistic, you will certainly be fascinated by The Wall of I Love You, which has the three magic words written in over three hundred languages.

Photography is sure to contribute to a nostalgic album collection, which you can fondly look back on when you leave the neighborhood in Paris City after a long and pleasurable walk. The picturesque streets of Montmartre can be explored fleetingly even on a small train that runs through the streets speedily, covering the main attractions along the way.