The Unseen Beauty of Paris

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Paris is the dazzling City of Lights and wonder. It is easy to think you know everything about the place if you have been here, but this city does have its share of secret places that few ever visit. If you are a person with significant wanderlust, Paris has a lot to offer, and even more than the things that tourists commonly flock towards. Below are some relatively secret places in Paris that you would love visiting.

Butte Bergeyre

Butte Bergeyre is a small but beautiful village, which is unknown to most tourists visiting Paris. Walking through its distinct paths imparts many people with a peaceful and special feeling, owing in large part to the soothing silence constantly prevailing in this area. When you reach the middle of this village, you start seeing charming Cobblestone streets, and further on, a beautiful shredded garden and vineyard at the other end of the village.

Jardin des Colonnes

Jardin des Colonnes is a very modern but quiet place. If you love reading books, then this spot is one for you. A sweet and lovely fragrance of lavender is all over the place. The garden of columns is also an important architectural masterpiece, which should not be missed during your Paris tours. The place has a circular design comprising mirrors that cover the vertical columns.

Notre Dame du Travail

This place has a beautiful idiosyncratic catholic church called “Our Lady of the Labor”, which was built in the middle of 19th Century. The church follows a standard Haussmannian architecture on the outside, but starts revealing further secrets once you step in. The admirable interior of this church is charmingly crafted with the use of plain metallic reinforcement, and the ambience this delivers makes it all the more easier for the viewer to comfortably dwell in the moment.

Musée des Egouts

In Paris, the underground Paris Sewer Museum demonstrates the other side of the coin, so to speak. This museum has a 500m-long underground path, and exhibits the water cycle in Paris. It details the history of sewer workers through the centuries, and takes you through various methods of water treatment as well as the role played by sewer workers.

Paris Pet Cemetery

The amazing fact about Paris Pet Cemetery is that it is oldest pet graveyard on the planet. You could find tons of animal graves here that include cats, dogs, horses, chicken, etc. For example, the statue of Barry, a famous World War I trench dog, can be seen at the front entrance, with an inscription that says, “He saved the lives of 40 people. He was killed by the 41st”. If you are an animal lover, then this is one good reason to visit Paris.