Things to do in Paris during Spring Season

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The springtime in Paris is usually considered as an in-between experience between the chill of winter and crowds of summer, and it is full of new life in its gardens, markets, parks and café terraces. The spring is usually a season that is packed with a lot of fun activities and pleasure while taking tours in Paris. Many essential experiences should not be missed by travelers who are visiting the city during this season.

The Spring Weather in Paris

The weather in Paris during the spring starts warming up from 12°C during March to 20°C in May. Spring season in Paris is regarded as a great time to explore the city more before it start to get hot. Travelers would most probably need a few warm layers and an umbrella for the nights and rain there, especially for the ones who visit there early in the season.

Things to Do in Paris during Spring Season

Check Out the Blooms 

The spring blooms that include tress draped in blossom and beautifully manicured gardens add a little more color to the city. The pink cherry blossoms are the most favorite of all the photographers who travel to this place. You are most likely to find crowds gathered on most of the popular spots such as the Eiffel Tower, Square Jean XXIII, and the Trocadero Gardens. You can also find a cherry orchard which is located at the Parc de Sceaux.

The cherry trees in Paris mostly flower during April and it depends on the weather. There are also wisteria and magnolia blooms along with floral displays at the main part of the city for people who might have miss cherry blossoms. During the spring, all parks in the city would be splashed with the color of the peonies, tulips and daffodils. People who are fond of flowers can also get flower bouquets from the daily market located at the Marche aux Fleurs.

Explore the Easter Celebrations 

Travelers can get to celebrate Easter at the popular chapels and churches of Paris. They can get to enjoy concerts at the Gothic Saint-Chappelle too. The Place of Versailles and the La Madeleine Church organize special concerts for Easter. Some of the most famous churches like Trinity International Church, American Cathedral, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, etc. also allow people to join them for church service on Sundays during the time of Easter.

Join the Chocolate Feast 

The time during Easter is the apt excuse for everyone to feast on chocolate and also the other popular chocolate edibles. The visit to all such shops are worth just for their window display alone – most of the shops like La Maison du Chocolat shops would have sculptures made of chocolate and ornately decorated eggs.

Real chocolate lovers can head to the Saint German des Pres to get high-quality chocolatiers. Patrick Roger and ChocolatsRichart also have got great creations of chocolates in addition to pastel-colored macarons. Choosing cake-theme for your walking tour through the neighborhood of Paris would also be a great option to explore the chocolate feast in Pairs in detail.

Stay Up at the Nuit des Musees 

Getting a little dose of Paris culture at the Nuit de Musees during the night time is regarded as one of the best things to do in Paris during the spring. Almost all the museums in Paris stay open on the third Saturday of May for the past fifteen years as special events would be taking place on the day all over Europe. Every year, over 150 museums in Paris join in for this celebration.

The entry to all the museums that are part of this celebration is free for everyone. A lot of special events also take place at these museums on the evening of this day which includes screenings, performances, and activities for kids, tours, and concerts. The best way to spend the nights in Paris during the spring is by strolling through these museums to spend time on the special occasions happening there. Travelers can also stop for food and drinks along with this.

Shop the Street Markets 

Travelers can get to know a lot about the local lives of Parisians by taking a visit to the markets of the city. Spring is regarded as one of the best time to explore the farmers’ market in Paris as it helps people to get the fresh produce of the new season like rhubarb, asparagus, and strawberry juices.

Every neighborhood in Paris would have a market and some of the best among them are the Marché Bastille, Marché d’Aligre, Marché Mouffetard and Marché des Enfants Rouges.

Explore the Rodin’s Sculpture Garden

For people who love to spend their days inside museums, the sculpture gardens of the Rodin museum can be a good option to soak up some culture. It is the building where the artist lived and worked. There is a seven-acre garden outside the museum and it features the most famous works if Rodin such as the Gates of Hell and The Thinker.