Things that you can Only Purchase in Paris

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One of the main things that may pop into your mind when heard about Paris will be shopping. There will be hardly anything that you cannot find in the French capital, be it antiquarian books, vintage furniture, periodic and trendy clothing, accessories, chocolates, perfumes, confectionaries, and whatnot. After all, Paris is regarded as the fashion capital not without any reason. Of course, Paris will be one of the best destinations to enjoy the shopping spree on your holidays. However, travelers, especially maiden visitors usually parade the branded showrooms and palatial shopping complexes in the city. Note that there is no point in purchasing things on your holidays that are available at your hometown. Rather, buy some exclusive products of Paris that reflect the tastes, likes, flavors, etc., of the city. Two of those things that you can buy only in Paris are given below.

Angelina Chocolate

Angelina is one of the most popular tea houses located in Paris and is extremely famous for its Mont Blank dessert and hot chocolate-like puddings. This vintage Parisian tearoom was founded by a confectioner, Antoine Rumpelmayer in 1903. He named it after his daughter-in-law. Soon, the tea house became popular for its unique products and built a reputation of its own.  Even though this is an internationally recognized brand now, Angelina Chocolates sells its products only in Paris. Besides, the tea shop has become a place of sophistication and indulgence where most Parisian aristocrats and celebrities from all over the world tend to hang out. So, you never know, you may sometimes bump into your favorite celebrity at Angelina’s salon.

Buly Soap

Jean Vincent Buly is known for his amazing skills as a perfumer, distiller, and cosmetician since 1803 on Rue Saint-Honore in Paris. He is popular for using exotic flowers and natural ingredients in his beauty products. This shop was established in Paris when the cosmetic industry was just booming. Currently, L’OfficineUniverselle Buly is one of the most unique and popular cosmetic boutiques in the City of Lights. The main highlight of Buly other than their natural ingredients is their history, packaging, type of products, philosophy, and store design. Furthermore, people who visited Buly claims that exploring the place is like stepping back in time. The incredible interior decors here feature golden marble countertops, rich wood cabinets, outstandingly worn tile floors, etc., that reflect the 17th and 18th-century apothecaries. Not even a single detail is ignored here. In fact, even the ceiling is styled with an inimitable floral pattern that was highly popular during the time of Queen Elizabeth. So, make sure to pay a visit to this captivating showroom to buy some natural beauty products as well as to click some travel goal photos.