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Arc de Triomphe is one of the most remarkable and historic landmarks of Paris city that honors the troops of Napoleon who fought and died in the French revolution, and mainly for their victory in the battle of Austerlitz in the year 1809. The idea and design of the monument refer back to the ceremonial arches of Rome, and the scale of the monument is napoleon in its glory.

Arc de Triomphe measures 164 feet, towering over the fifty-foot tall arch of the Titus in Rome that has been seen as an inspiration for the design of Parisian landmark. The construction of the monument was not completed when Napoleon was alive, and his funeral possessions were passed under the completed monument after bringing it from St. Helena to Paris.

Napoleon’s vision to make Paris the most attractive city in the world made him plan the construction of the Arc. In the beginning, it was supposed to be a column that has been dedicated to the victory of the French Army. It took two years to lay the foundations of Arc de Triomphe, and the construction of the monument was completed on 12th of May, 1836. The monument also experienced several unexpected halts during its construction.

The monument served as a witness to the most tragic and important moments of the city including the flying of the swastika during the Nazi occupation during the Second World War, triumphal marches, and the allied troops led by Charles de Gaulle under the arch of Arc de Triomphe in the year 1944.

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the top choices of visitors who take luxury Paris city tours, and also for the people who are keenly visiting Paris with the urge to get to know a lot about its history.

How to Explore the Arc de Triomphe?

Travelers can enjoy walking under the arches and around the base of the building for free. They can also pay to climb the 280 stairs of the monument to get to the top to get beautiful views of Paris. The base of Arc de Triomphe is a suggested spot for travelers. Underground passageways that are on the Champs-Elysées can be used to reach the monument safely, and it comes up at the base of the monument.

Standing right under the central arch of Arc de Triomphe offers a massive feel to travelers who are enjoying a stroll around the monument’s base. The names of 660 generals with the details of those who died in the battle are displayed over the surface of the monument. The grand reliefs can be seen by taking a walk to the exterior. You can see the face of Napoleon crowned with a wreath and holding a hand over the city of Paris which is kneeling towards his feet.

The tomb of an unknown soldier who died in World War I which is situated below the monument was placed there in the year 1921. Every evening at 6:30 pm, the flame of the tomb is revived with a ceremony, considering it as a tradition that was not interrupted even during the Nazi occupation.

Climbing up to the stairs of the Arc de Triomphe is often a visual treat for most visitors. All the major landmarks of Paris city can be spotted from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, giving the visitors a bird’s eye view of the grand and impressive sights in Paris, and also of the traffic in the city. The view from the top of the monument also offers the view of both the Louvre Museum and the Champs-Elysées.

The place called Charles de Gaulle radiates out twelve streets. Walking around the top of the monument offers the visitors views down all the twelve streets.

The traffic around the monument is the wildest thing to notice for the visitors. The traffic at the roundabout near the monument is very bad – most people play opposite to the rules, and getting off the traffic might seem a herculean task. Travelers have to keep in mind that most insurance companies split up the accident blames as 50/50 if it happens around the Arc de Triomphe, without considering who is at fault.

Tickets to Arc de Triomphe

There are e-tickets to Arc de Triomphe with skip-the-line benefit, which means that the purchase of e-tickets provides the visitors with the added advantage of skipping the lines in the large crowd. The tickets are normally priced at 12 Euros.

Getting to Arc de Triomphe

The nearest metro station to the main Arc of Arc de Triomphe is Charles de Gaulle–Étoile. Visitors can walk their ways to the monument from there, and the station can be reached from there via the first, second, sixth or the RER lines. Visitors should keep in mind to never cross the arc of the monument; an underground walkway from the Grande Armée and the Avenue Champs-Elysées can take visitors to the main entrance of Arc de Triomphe.