Things You Should Know Before Visiting Paris

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Paris is a dream city that many people want to visit at least once in a life time. The place is filled with magnificent views and wonderful experiences that you will love. The place is attractive as well as intimidating at the same time. For some people they are too stressful or confused when thinking about visiting this place, considering the complexity. But if you take some preparations before visiting the city the trip will be an overwhelming experience for you. So, following are some important things you should be aware of before visiting this wonderful place. They might come handy to you when you are planning Paris walking tours.

Know the Best Time to Visit Paris

Before visiting Paris you should have an idea regarding the best time to visit. Do some research about the climate of the place during each month of the year. Select the time which is most suitable for you. If you have heard that everything in Paris will shut down in August, then it is not at all a lie. Most inhabitants of this place leave for vacation in August and many small businesses and restaurants stay closed for weeks during the month.

But every month has its own ups and downs. Choose a time that is more convenient for you. If you want a stunning view of this place visit it during the Christmas time, you will get a straight out of a movie experience. Springtime in Paris is one of the most popular seasons which is a “never miss”. Decide how you want to explore Paris and select a time based on that.

Learn At Least the Basics of the Language

Even though you don’t have to be fluent in French, knowing the basics will help you to find your way around the city. Learn the common words in French like : “bonjour” (hello), “merci” (thank you), “s’il vous plait” (please), “au revoir” (goodbye) etc. This might help you to impress a Parisian.

Most of the locals in Paris speak English fluently, but if you directly speak to them in English they might pretend like they don’t know the language. If you speak French with a French person, they will have a tendency to switch into English. This is like a common tradition followed by the Parisians.

Pleasantries are Mandatory

Be sure to exchange pleasantries with the people you meet here. You have to say “bonjour” (or “bonsoir” in the evening) as a greeting when you enter a shop or a restaurant and “au revoir” when you exit it.

Conduct a Little Research on Where to Stay in Paris

There are plenty of options in Paris for you to stay. But you have to select a location which best suits you. You can select where you want to stay based on the ambience of that place. If you want to experience the picturesque Parisian charm which is defined by high-end shops then you can stay in the Saint-Germain or Marais neighborhood. If you want a place which gives a local feeling then try out the 19th and 20th arrondissements.

It is Best to Explore Paris on Foots

You will get the best “Paris experience” if you visit the place on foots. The place is easy to navigate and it will be easy for you to find your way around and there is no or less chance for you to get lost. The 20 different neighborhoods of Paris will have a street sign to show your location in the city and you can easily locate these neighborhoods using the map of the city. Paris walking tours is a great way to explore the rhythm of this city.

Use the Paris Metro System when Possible

The metro system of Paris is very efficient and simple and a wonderful way to get around. It is a cost effective and easy way to explore the city. But the metro won’t operate for 24 hours. It will be closed for a few hours in the night. But don’t worry, there are bus services around the city if you get stuck somewhere.

Keep Some Spare Euros in Your Pocket

Even though most restaurants and supermarkets accept debit and credit cards, it is better to keep some cash in your pocket, especially for some pit stops to the bakery. For some outdoor markets which sell both produce and antiques, having cash in hand is necessary.

Don’t Forget to Visit City’s Smaller Museums

There are many famous museums in Paris like the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. These museums can give you a great and overwhelming experience. But along with these museums, pay attention to the smaller museums too. Visit Centre Pompidou, Musée Rodin and the Cluny Museum to get a different experience apart from the views offered by the big museums.

If you want to experience Paris to the fullest keep this things in mind. They will help you to have a wonderful trip to Paris without any unnecessary confusions and conflicts. Paris is a beautiful place that you will never get tired of visiting. So make the Paris trip a wonderful memory by following these guidelines.