Top 3 Locations to Dine at in Paris City

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In Paris, having food at an outdoor restaurant or area while watching the world drift by, is a popular pastime. In fact it’s so popular that it is on the bucket list of virtually anyone visiting the City of Lights. Undoubtedly, the cobblestone streets in the capital city of France offer an ideal place for lunch, brunch, or dinner in an open air setting. The medieval charm of the city will induce an appetite for fine food, which isn’t something Paris lacks by any means. Below are some of the top places to eat at when on a Paris city tour. Try them out, especially if you have an appetite for gourmet food.

Monsieur Bleu

One of Palais de Tokyo’s restaurants which has Art Deco architecture and a terrace facing River Seine, Monsieur Bleu is a charming place to be sure. They serve simple, delicious fares, with plenty of fish and the usual French meat. On weekends, the restaurant offers a brunch menu comprising plenty of courses that are served at an overall fixed price. It is said that even the French President Emmanuel Macron once dined here.


This restaurant in the Levallois-Perret suburb is worth a visit when on a Paris city tour devoted to food, especially seafood. In fact, that is the best food category on their menu, including everything from oysters to distinct preparations of octopus and mussels. Although located just outside of Paris, its underwater offerings served on a covered terrace can be just the enticement you need to venture out. That it offers a sublime view over River Seine can be equally tempting to tourists and natives.

Explore Vietnamese Eateries

For a metropolitan city, Paris has a strong population of migrants from Asia. If you are a fan of Chinese or Vietnamese food, there is a lineup of eateries in the 13th administrative district. These French eateries offer an ideal spot to have affordable food you wouldn’t get in the plush restaurants in the city. Furthermore, a food trip to Paris can only be complete if you explore both the posh and affordable bistros.