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On a first-time visit to Paris, most of the tourists make it a point to explore the main areas of interest, including Musée du Louvre to see masterful artworks and the Eiffel Tower to see a monument that encapsulates the City of Lights. If you are on Paris walking tours, there are several other tourist attractions, which you should explore.

Picpus Cemetery

This rustic cemetery in Paris is home to the tombstone of Marquis de Lafayette, the US military general, whose name rhymes with a county in Mississippi. He was a wartime hero of the American Revolution period; no wonder, a flag flutters above his tomb in the cemetery. The Daughters of the American Revolution is responsible to maintain Lafayette’s final resting place, which is of particular interest for the tourists from the US.

The Parisian cemetery also contains the mortal remains of the guillotined victims of “The Reign of Terror”. What’s more, the rows of manicured gardens, that lead up to a tombstone commemorating those who died during the French Revolution, further offer a throwback into history.

Musee des Plans-Reliefs

This museum of Les Invalides has a collection of antique scale models of fortified cities that trace back to the ancient times. They were made in between the reigns of Louis XIV of France and Napoléon Bonaparte, scale the size of a room, and were used by generals and kings to plan fortifications and indulge in military exercises. As it is tucked in a quiet space of the place, which is famous for the tombstone of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Relief Map Museum does not get crowded that much.

The Catacombs of Paris

The underground passage that contains the ossuaries has been an area of interest, especially in the minds of the tourists who visit Paris during summer. Its entrance sees a beeline of crowds during that season. It is said that the Catacombs were underground bunkers, which the French Resistance used to hide the attacks from Nazi Gestapo, during WWII period.

It is best to visit this mysterious site during wintertime and springtime in the capital city. Even as entry tends to be limited during those seasons, the Catacombs will not be all that crowded. Even if you are planning to visit the mile-long stretch during peak seasons, do that after hours to skip the long line.