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Staying near the Louvre museum on one of your trips to Paris is arguably the best way to surround yourself with monuments, activities, and of course, other museums. Your time in Paris absolutely must include sampling these things, and you can cut the need for lengthy commute by bunking down nearby. Well, not “bunking” in a strict sense; the area around the world famous museum has many star hotels with top-tier facilities you can avail. This includes Michelin-starred restaurants, spas, cool bars, etc.

Following is a list of the best ones you can stay at. This list is not exhaustive, but all the really good hotels inside a short radius of the Louvre have been covered here. If you are willing to compromise on proximity, the number of options go up; however, walking to the best spots becomes more tiring.

Hôtel Crayon Rouge

This is a lurid establishment that draws patrons with flavorfully selected and laid color schemes, as well as inspired printed wallpapers and a wealth of retro curiosities probably gotten from a local flea market. The ambiance can be best described as guesthouse chic, and comes accompanied by a fabulous wine bar.

The location is prime too – you get plenty of big-hitter sights within easy reach by foot. Stay at Hôtel Crayon Rouge is gratifyingly homely, although the pervasive sassy elegance best suits the wine lover. That said, the place gets very few complaints from tired guests returning from a private Louvre museum tour.

Hotel Le Pradey

A cozy boutique hotel espousing the aesthetic singular to Paris’ identity, Hotel Le Pradey has stunning rooms with roofing done in zinc behind the beds. The interior follows a classic path with wood, stone, and zinc construction, and furniture reminiscent of Haussmannian Paris.

The overall effect is a combo of fashionable retro and contemporary. Moreover, you experience a vintage feel not unlike ones normally evoked by classy photographs from the 50’s – the place has a mazzenine lounge with scattered reading spots and an open bar. Located on the Right Bank, Hotel Le Pradey fits your purposes whether you plan on shopping, sightseeing, or both.

Hotel Malte

Among places you can pick as bases to explore Paris from, Hotel Malte has to be the very best on several accounts. For one, it is an easy walking distance from both Place des Victoires and the Louvre. For another, you can easily get to several department stores from here without calling a cab. This hotel presents a modern style with a 17th Century veneer.

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Contemporary flair is abundant here, showcased in the forms of hanging bowler hat lampshades and a dark red aligator statue set among the interior courtyard’s outdoor bistro tables. You get free access to the non-alcoholic bar serving coffee, tea, snacks, and soft drinks every afternoon. If you have teenagers with you, chances are they are going to be hungry a lot. Just make sure to be here at noon so they can stuff up before heading out to a day spent on their feet.

Nolinski Paris

The décor at this hotel was done by the internationally-acclaimed Jean-Louis Denoit, and mixes the Deco and contemporary styles splendidly. Guests get to sup in the Brasserie Réjane, and relax in the underground spa with sauna.

Located on the 1st arrondissement’s Avenue de l’Opéra, this hotel is just a short distance from Palais Garnier. Near that, you also have a bustling shopping district and a bit further along, Quais de Seine and the Louvre. It is a comfortable hotel where you can rest your feet after a day of bustling through milling crowds.

Hotel La Tamise

A charming four-star boutique hotel tucked into a 19th-century mansion, La Tamise neighbors Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre. Staying here also puts you close to renowned fashion designers who operate out of the Golden Triangle. The rooms are decidedly elegant and comfortable as a rule, and you also get impeccable service while you are here.

The overall ambience comprises an old-world Parisian elegance, accentuated by the restored cement-tiled patterned floor done by Salvatore Abramo. Few places can beat this one at looks, and none of it makes you too uncomfortable to get good rest either.


Once just the Hôtel d’Alsace, this place was where Oscar Wilde spent his final days splurging on all sorts of things while he slipped into decrepitude. That need not put you off getting a room here; Oscar Wilde was a literary genius, and that often goes hand in hand with excess and eccentricity.

The average tourist, on the other hand, would find themsleves drawn in by the interior décor, the Michelin-starred Le Restaurant, and the closeness to the Louvre. Dinner is mainly of decorative French cuisine you can relax over while taking in the small courtyard garden or Napoleonic dining room.