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Do you love to enjoy one of your nights in Paris at a nightclub?  We have some fantastic suggestions for you. Unlike some other cities, it might be difficult to find a decent nightclub in Paris. They might come with a lot of hype, excessive posturing or high cover charges. Sometimes, bouncers can be unpleasant or rather discriminative. So we are listing some good night clubs in Paris, which are worth spending some Euros for during your Paris city tours. They might not be always the most well-known among them, but they are great places where you can dance your night away.

Chez Moune

This club is characterized by its distinctive decor which features the 1930’s-style. The place has low ceilings and is very charming with its mirrored and tiled walls. This is definitely the favorite place of those who pursue the current trends in fashion and style. The DJs here create an electrifying atmosphere with trendy electro-rock tracks. Another specialty of this nightclub is that, it is free. So there will be a large queue of young adults waiting to get entry to this night club, throughout the night and up until the dawn.

Le Truskel

The club is a blend of traditional Celtic pub style with the ambience of a “micro-club”. The place will be open until 6 am and will be oozing with energy from the different styles of tracks played by well-known DJs and musicians. It features electro-pop, indie and punk music. This club will be filled with large number of people dancing to the beats played by the DJs. It is also really cozy with a majority of Anglophone dancers. The club also serves as a destination for after-show parties for those spilling out from the Olympia concert hall which is adjacent to this club.

Rex Club

The club has a unique ambience with its sunken dance floors. This is a great destination for those who are searching for a mood-altering experience. You can spot people from different parts of the world here. The usual music played in this club is bass-heavy house and electronic. The crowds usually pour in at the late hours of night, well after the metro has closed. But be careful about the bouncers, they can be grouchy and temperamental at times. It will be better for you to follow the rules to avoid getting in trouble.


The major factor which makes this club unique is that, it is set beneath the Pont Alexandre III, which is an elegant deck arch bridge in Paris. This club, which is nestled under the bridge, will be flooded with stylish and energetic people who will be dancing to the beat with a champagne bottle in their hands. People can have a great time in this club, as they dance to the DJs while enjoying the spectacular night view of the river Seine. The club also hosts live bands and the DJs will be usually playing house, disco and electro beats.

La Bellevilloise

The next nightclub you will be finding, when heading over to the northeast part will be the La Bellevilloise. The building was once home to the first workers’ co-operative of Paris and now holds this wonderful and off-the-beaten-path club/ restaurant/ art space with dance floors which are featured on two levels.

It hosts live bands or DJs playing reggae, rock and every indie genre in between. You will be able to enjoy your time dancing to the music on the ground floor, and if you want to have some fresh breath, head to the upstairs lounge which has a beautiful terrace. This is an ideal place for you to spend a wonderful night.

La Machine du Moulin Rouge

After its makeover in 2010, the club has gained an entirely new look. The club is featured by three floors and is a venue which hosts live music. The main dance floor of this club was home to the boiler room of Moulin Rouge, a cabaret in France. Still the old pipes remain intact in this building. The decor of the club is based on the theme “Alice in Wonderland”. This is a wonderful place to let loose yourself and to enjoy the thrill of dancing to the wonderful music.


This is a wonderful club which will provide you a unique and alluring experience. The club is located in an old factory. You can experience the thrilling effect of dancing under the moon in this club. The natural moon light along with the warm colors of the night creates a spectacular combination for energetic youth. This is a hotspot in Paris which features indie music.

These are some wonderful destinations where you can enjoy your nights during the Paris city tours. They will help you to relax and let leave your busy and stressful life for a few hours. Enjoying a drink and dancing to the beat along with a large number of energetic and young people would be a fabulous experience you will be getting on your Paris city tours.