Travel around the Vibrant Street of Rue Crémieux

Paris City Tour

Tourist Attractions In Paris

Being one of the most enchanting and mesmerizing cities in the world, Paris is surely an eye candy to each and every tourist. The natural landscapes, aesthetic architectures, talented artists, delicious French cuisine, and many other things in this city are incredibly appealing. No wonder, the number of tourists flocking to the French capital is skyrocketing every other day.

When it is about Paris city tours, the sky-high towers, cathedrals, and wine will be the first few things that pop into the mind of almost every traveler. However, Paris is not all about the top-rated attractions here. In fact, there are many underrated places in the city, which are worth a visit during Paris city tours. One of such places that you may include in the itinerary is the colorful street of rue Crémieux.

The Multihued Street of Rue Crémieux

Located at the 12th arrondissement of Paris in between Rue De Bercy and Rue De Lyon, the rue Crémieux Street is one of the best places that you can explore on your Paris city tours. This picturesque and lively place is sure to remind you of a famous Venetian canvas. What’s more, rue Crémieux is considered as a paradise for every traveler who loves capturing beautiful memories on their cameras. Note that the nearest railways station to this picture-perfect street is Gare de Lyon.

Why Rue Crémieux

This is an ideal spot in the French capital for all artistic junkies. To add to the beauty of the street that is 7.50m wide and 144 meters long, the pathways are also paved with cobblestones. In addition, amazingly tiled pedestrian footpaths are also given along the street. The main attraction here is the multihued identical private houses in the street that almost resembles some village inspired resorts in France.

There are 35 houses along the street, which replicate the English terrace cottages. Here, the residents have mostly used pastel shades such as pink, green, yellow, etc., in order to paint their houses. Just take a camera and come to this beautiful street to click as many pictures as you want. You can also see many high-end fashion bloggers doing photo shoots for their latest designs in rue Crémieux. After all, what will be a better canvas than these vibrant and identical houses to present their hottest exhibits? However, take care not to disturb the residents while enjoying your quality time in the street.