Traveling In Paris Metro for the First Time; Avoid These Mistakes

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Are you planning to visit the French capital shortly? If yes, you would have already started searching the Internet for cheap ways to enjoy your trip. One of the prominent options that you might get to see in this case is traveling in metro trains. Note that metro trains are the most reliable, fastest, and cheapest options to get around the city. Thankfully, you can find plenty of information regarding the Parisian metro on the internet.

However, all this information will be based on the things that you must do when traveling in a metro rather than the missteps you must avoid while commuting in the metro trains here. Note that the latter will let you plan and manage your Paris tour itinerary better. In order to help you out with this, some of the major mistakes that you must avoid while traveling in the Parisian metro are listed below.

Assuming that every Paris metro station boasts escalator or elevator facilities

Paris is known for its modern architectural wonders and services. Hence, most people tend to assume that every metro station in the city boasts step-free access or escalator and elevator facilities. Sadly, this is not the case and there are many ancient metro stations in the French capital that is accessible only through stairs. This can pose an issue if you are traveling with your babies and their strollers. This usually happens with smaller metro stations.

When it comes to larger metro stations in Paris, you can find escalators and elevator facilities. However, you will have to walk a significant distance on foot in this case to transit between metro trains and you may come across multiple stairways as well. Hence, make sure to check out the Parisian metro map before setting out on your journey, especially if you are with small kids or toddlers.

Carrying too much luggage while traveling in metro trains

Another common mistake people are likely to make when traveling in Parisian metro trains is carrying heavy baggage. Note that metro trains are the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable option to travel around the city, as mentioned earlier. Hence, it will be crowded in most cases. This will make it extremely challenging for you to take care of your luggage.

Plus, it will be hard to carry heavy luggage while sightseeingas well as whileclimbing up and down the stairs in the metro stations. Furthermore, never carry your valuables while traveling since there will be many pickpockets in the city who are just waiting for the right moment to rob you. This is one of the biggest curses of almost every hottest tourist destination.