Ultimate Travel Tips to Note on your Paris City Tour

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Paris is quite a great place to explore with all its charming attractions, shopping zones, and delicious food. The more you know about the country and the people, the more you can enjoy having a great experience in the City of Lights. Discussed below is an ultimate guide for you to know more about the city before you plan a Paris tour.

General and Etiquette

The French tend to interact less with strangers. Hence, being polite in France will be to keep a neutral expression, avoid wide grin, and speak only when necessary. Moreover, keep your distance rather than trying to pal up. Though you do not have to know the local language completely, it would be preferable to say “Bonjour, Madame” or “Bonjour, Monsieur” whenever you enter a restaurant or a shop, and say “Au revoir” or “Merci” when you leave.

This is the basic manners, which children in France are taught at a young age. Note that speaking French as much as you can would get you better treatment than leading with English.


The easiest and safest means of transportation in Paris is the metro. If you are up to more of a challenge, take the bus for your Paris city tour. You can buy a carnet – a set of 10 metro tickets if you are traveling through the city. To get to Paris from the Charles de Gaulle Airport, the best way is to opt for metro because it can take you to the heart of the city including all major stations.

There is no need for renting a car in Paris; if you insist for one, it would be quite expensive. To save a few dollars, you can download a free app having Paris metro map on it instead of buying a map.

What to Eat in Paris

Parisians usually eat dinner at 08:00 pm or after, hence you may not find restaurants open until this time. Unlike other countries, it is not possible to find good restaurants open between meal times; however, most of the Parisian cafes stay open all the time. Make sure to enjoy the French delicacies such as steak frites, Escargots, baguettes, macarons, pains au chocolat, confit de canard, moules marinières, and many more.

If you get bored of eating all these French food, you can also try other cuisines like Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, North African, and many other in ethnic restaurants found all over the city.