Visiting Paris Hubs and Ending the Whistle-Stop Schedule in Louvre Guided Tour

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Louvre guided tour is one of the assigned schedules to a Paris tour guide among other famous hubs in Paris. The task of a guide is to guide tourists to hubs in the City of Lights including the Eiffel Tower, and the Hôtel des Invalides, which is where Napoleon Bonaparte tombstone exists. In the Latin Quarter, across the Saint-Michael Cathedral, one could get a glimpse of the Notre Dame. Come to think of it, once a Paris tour guide takes tourists to the city sites and nears the end of the whistle-stop tour schedule, maybe it is high time to go to the Louvre Museum.

The Louvre guided tour takes tourists into a heady trip consisting of iconic paintings, artifacts dating back to Mesopotamia, Persia, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Empire artifacts. It is said that the Louvre stays closed on Tuesdays, not for housekeeping though, but because Tuesday is a national museum off day for governed museums in France. However, some rooms in the Louvre museum stay closed even half a day, preferably for housekeeping. In fact, one could visit the Louvre several times the same day, or go for a half-day Louvre guided tour.

Most tourists take their time to make the best of the Louvre guided tour by taking advance tickets and skipping the line for a cakewalk entrance. You could see Parisians and anonymous tourists waiting in lines underneath the glass pyramids of the Louvre to get automated tickets, but that is another option to enter.

Tickets to Louvre would cost around $15 to $20 a day, based on which time of the year you go to the famous museum in Paris and from where you purchase the tickets. There is a certain “Museum Pass” as well, which leads tourists and guides on a freebie visit to the Louvre museum, but for that, certain conditions like valid ID proof, should meet the museum’s admission rules.

What’s more, a coveted entry to the Louvre museum situated adjacent to the Seine River would lead guided tourists to the Mona Lisa painting. Knowing the ground rules and other permissions are crucial to your Paris visit as not all Paris tour guides would instruct you to “take cameras if you want to take pictures in Louvre”. On that note, photography is permitted in Louvre, and of course, there will be thousands of tourists taking selfies here.