Visiting the Galeries Lafayette Department Store in Paris

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The Galeries Lafayette is the ideal destination for fashion enthusiasts and shoppers who are going on Paris walking tours. This iconic Parisian spot is the best place in the French capital to go shopping when you are enjoying your holidays in the City of Lights. The Galeries Lafayette department store, which is designed based on the Harrods in London, was initially inaugurated in Paris in the year 1893.

This iconic fashion institution is located near the Opera Garnier, which is a remarkable and massive ornate complex for fashion lovers. You can find the latest trends in accessories and jewelry, cosmetics, home furnishing items, cutting-edge women’s and men’s designer collection, and a lot more under the roof of Opera Garnier. The stunning Belle Epoque architecture of this amazing structure will leave you speechless and astonished.

The Galeries Lafayette department store is also the ideal spot for tourists who are looking for special Parisian food items to take back home. In fact, one of the famous gourmet food markets in the city, Lafayette Gourmet is located within the Galeries Lafayette department store. This internationally renowned food market, which is modeled based on a Middle Eastern bazaar, is the perfect spot in the city for the ones who are looking for delicious French food items.

Main Buildings in the Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette department store contains three major buildings. The Lafayette Coupole, which is the main building, features designer collections, jewelry and accessories, books, electronic items, children ’s and adults fashion collection, and more.

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Within the main building, Lafayette Coupole, you will also be able to find a luxurious restaurant. The delicious French food items served here will be an absolute treat for ones who love French food. The terrace on the top floor of the restaurant offers breathtaking views of the neighborhood too. The famous Lafayette Marriage Boutique is also located inside the Lafayette Coupole.

An elegantly designed covered passageway connects the couple to Lafayette Homme. The Lafayette Homme houses men’s fashion and accessories. In addition to that, you will be able to find the gourmet food shop, Lafayette Gourmet inside this building. The Lafayette Maison building that is located just across the street has an excellent collection of home furnishing items and related accessories.

Things to do near Galeries Lafayette

The unique and excellent shopping experience offered by the Galeries Lafayette of Paris will surely urge you to revisit the place. This is because you can find almost anything inside the Galeries Lafayette department store. In fact, you might be even able to get attractive deals on the products of some of famous international and French brands from this iconic department store.

The best thing about Galeries Lafayette is that the department store offers a wide variety of French cultural experiences. You will able to learn more about French wine and cheese at wine tasting session and you might even be able to master the art of applying makeup from the 1.5-hour makeup class at the Galeries Lafayette department store.

Even though this Parisian neighborhood is famous for just shopping and fashion, there are plenty of iconic building and other attractions in its vicinity. So, if you are wondering what to do after enjoying a shopping free at the Galeries Lafayette department store, then we have a few excellent suggestions for you.

The Saint Lazare Train Station

The Saint Lazare train station is one of the must-visit spots that is located pretty close to the Galeries Lafayette department store. This train station, which was built in the year 1837, has been considered as a historical monument since 1984. The iconic façade of this train station remains the exact same as it was constructed and it has not undergone any changes even after 180 years.

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You should also make sure to take a look at the “bulle” metro entrance of the Saint Lazare train station. This is the only Parisian metro entrance that is shaped in the form of a bubble. Moreover, there are plenty of excellent brasseries and bars where you can enjoy a drink with your friends or even natives.

The Historical McDonald’s Restaurants

Several tourists who are visiting the Galeries Lafayette department store for the first time in their life are not aware that the only McDonald’s restaurant in the country is located here. The architectural design of this McDonald’s restaurant may surprise you a bit, as it is pretty different from the architecture of other shops and restaurants within the neighborhood and even Paris itself.

This McDonald’s restaurant located at the 119 Rue Saint Lazare is definitely worth a visit. However, the sad part is that the restaurant does not serve Parisian vintage Big Mac and other fancy items. So, you will have to settle for regular McDonald’s meals.