Why you Should Schedule a Visit to Paris’ Fifth District

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Several tourists on their first Paris city tour are not aware that the French capital contains twenty different districts, or arrondissements, as they’re called here. It is crucial to note that each arrondissement in the City of Lights is special in its own way. Moreover, each of these districts allows you to learn more about the culture and traditions of Parisians. So, try and visit at least a couple of these districts while in Paris.

The fifth district in Paris, which is a part of the famous Latin Quarter, is one of the best districts in the city. It might come as a surprise to many tourists when they hear the fact that this Parisian district has a huge student population. The presence of iconic landmarks such as Gallo-Roman and Panthéon, lures in many travelers to this Parisian district.

The best thing about the fifth arrondissement of Paris is that it is a vibrant neighborhood, thanks to the students living here. There are a number of exciting and adventurous things you can do in the fifth district of Paris. If you are wondering where to begin, we have got you covered.

The Panthéon

One of the major highlights of this Parisian district is the Panthéon, which is situated close to the Sorbonne University and the Luxembourg garden. The stunning neoclassical architecture of this amazing building is something you don’t want to miss during your Paris city tour. Tourists from all over the world visit the Panthéon to pay tribute to iconic French figures such as Voltaire and Marie Curie.

The Grande Mosquée de Paris

The Grande Mosquée de Paris or the Grand Mosque of Paris is actually a place of worship. This mosque was built to express gratitude to the Muslim soldiers who fought with the French soldiers during the First World War. The tile work, the architecture, and the gardens in this place will make you feel calm and relaxed after a stressful day of sightseeing.

The Jardin des Plantes

You will find it hard to believe that the Jardin des Plantes of Paris is approximately 400 years old. Another interesting thing you should know about the Jardin des Plantes is that it contains a science and research wing, which was put in place during Louis XVI’s reign.