Boost Your Cell Service While You’re Traveling

You would require strong cellular network coverage more when you are travelling than when you are at the comfort of your homes because staying connected is especially important when you are touring new places.

When you travel through different locations, the coverage of your cellular service provider will vary. At some locations your phones will receive very good cellular signals while at some places you might find your cell signal strength dropping altogether. A cell phone booster is the answer to the question –  how to increase phone signal.

Why Does Signal Strength Reduce While You Are Travelling?

Our cell phones connect to the nearest cell towers to receive signals when you are at a particular location. While you are travelling, our phones connect to one cell tower and the next on the way. Every cell tower has a fixed volume of cell traffic that it can support, meaning that if you connect to a cell tower that is already full, the quality of voice calls and internet speeds see a significant decrease. Signal issues become more complicated when you are travelling to remote locations that already has low signal strength.

A cellular signal booster addresses all the issues related to cellular signal strength.

Cellular Signal Booster

The simple device takes in the weak signals available at your location and amplifies them using an amplifier and sends back the boosted signals using an internal antenna. Cellular boosters that can be fitted at homes, buildings etc as well as moving vehicles are available at much affordable rates.

Signal Booster For Vehicles

Signal boosters used in immobile locations and moving vehicles have some differences in terms of size as well as specifications of components.

Outside Antenna For Moving Vehicles

There are two types of outside antenna used in signal boosters fitted in vehicles.

Magnet Mount Antenna

Magnet mount antenna is about 4 to 12 inches in length, and is the standard antenna for cars. Using a strong magnetic base, the antenna is mounted on the top of vehicles. The relatively smaller size of the antennas ensures that the visual appeal of the car is not affected.

RV/Trucker Antennas

The external antennas of RVs and trucks are designed to be stronger and long lasting because trucks and RVs are driven in harsh conditions. The 2 to 3 feet antennas have fixed installations that are usually drilled onto the vehicle top.

Before you leave for long trips, make sure you have an efficient cellular signal booster fitted in your vehicle. You may also buy portable signal boosters that come in plug and play.