An Eco-Friendly Tour around Paris

Paris Private Tour

Paris Private Tour

If you are a nature lover and dedicated to going on an eco-friendly tour around Paris, then you will never get disappointed, as there is a wide range of options available for you. Paris is a city that gives a great significance for environmental protection, hence, it offers a lot of facilities for the visitors to go on an eco-friendly voyage around the city.

The city has a growing number of food venues that are becoming environmentally friendly. It has also developed sustainable intercity transportation facilities as well as eco-conscious stores, hotels and other activities in an effort to increase the green credentials of the city. Therefore, if you are planning to go on an eco-friendly Paris private tour, this city will provide enormous number of options for you. Following is a travel guide for people who value the environment and its protection.

Eco-Friendly Ways for Getting around in Paris

One of the best ways to enjoy this city when being environmentally friendly is to rent a bike and pedal around the nooks and corners of Paris. This will help you to explore this wonderful city at your own pace without missing anything. This is also a healthy way to travel around Paris.

Another great option is the brand new “flying water taxis” introduced in this city recently. They are also known as SeaBubbles. It is almost similar to an ordinary taxi except for the fact that it is traveling through the water and it uses eco-friendly methods. These are futuristic machines that are invented by Alain Thébault. It uses electric propulsion for gliding across the water.

The important advantages of these water taxis include zero CO2 emissions, zero noise, and zero disruptive waves. These machines are powered with the help of a battery system that utilizes clean energy that will lower the power consumption rate impressively. It uses the hydrofoil technology that lifts the boat out from the water. This is a great technology that will reduce the use of traditional carbon-fuelled transportation facilities.

Eco-Conscious Tours and Other Activities in Paris

Apart from choosing environmentally-friendly transportation methods to move around the city, there are also certain other things you can dos. They involve:

La Recyclerie

Located in the heart of the city, this eclectic cultural center promotes sustainable methods for having fun during your Paris private tours. This center organizes a flea market every Sunday where the visitors will be allowed to rummage for hidden treasures. These treasures can be then upcycled into brand new items at the “Repair corner” situated here. You can learn a lot of DIY skills from this place using a wide range of tools that are on offer.

This venue also hosts a wide range of activities including cooking classes that will be based on different themes and other such workshops. You can also participate in some debates and conferences that will be held here, where you will get to discuss hot topics associated with environment and sustainability along with other visitors. It also conducts volunteering projects on its gardens every Friday. Therefore, this has become a great destination for nature lovers to head to during their Paris city tours.

We Love Green Festival

Everyone loves festivals and it will become more attractive if it is eco-friendly. We Love Green Festival is such a festival which gives importance to the protection of nature. It has been held since 2011 and will last for two days. It takes place atBois de Vincennes in eastern Paris.

This program invites exciting and wild artists to participate in an eclectic event that flits between electro and indie. It also includes hip hop as well as folk music occasionally. However, music is not the only focus of this festival. Here, you will be able to learn about the sustainable practices that are followed by many local food producers as well as some rustic artisans.

The Think Tank which is located on the heart of this festival is an ideas lab where you will get to hear talks that will be based on environmental protection. It also promotes the exchange of ideas which allows you to share your ideas about environmental innovations.

Another specialty of this festival is that it will be entirely powered by renewable energy including solar panels as well as generators that run on recycled cooking oil. Also, 100% of the waste produced from this festival will be sorted for reuse, recycling or compost.

BelleVie Farm

This is a unique attraction that is situated just outside the city of Paris and makes a perfect spot for eco-conscious travelers who want to reconnect with their earthly origins. This is a working farm that will give you the opportunity to experience the life of a French farmer. Get ready to get a little dirty while you learn some farming techniques ranging from the milking of cows to cultivating your own fruits and vegetables.