Environmental Clothing – the Next Level Idea

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Environmental Clothing Tips

Many of the apparel manufacturing tech companies have come up with new materials and products that could change how the apparel manufacturers deals with their own waste. There are brands that announced the creation of low-impact t-shirts which are designed as a solution to the waste problem the fashion industry faces. This way, environmental clothing helps the consumers to become more conscious about the life cycle of their garments. These t-shirts also promise to not leave any records of its existence in contrast to the enormous waste left by the fashion industry.

These environmental friendly apparels, which are 100% biodegradable, only take 12 weeks to degrade. These are made from algae, eucalyptus and beech from forests that are sustainably managed. The fast degradation is because of the natural materials and elements that are used in its making. Thus it makes the apparel return to nature once it reaches the end of its lifespan.

The idea of biodegradable clothing came in and took birth to cut down the amount of clothing that ends up in the landfills. During its making, the algae are mostly separated, leaving a soupy paste of algae. The paste is then dried in sunlight to create a fine powder which will be then mixed with binders that are water based in order to make the algae ink. The ink is then printed onto a shirt or a fabric that is mainly made of wood pulp, which is turned into fiber, yarn and fabric respectively. The wood used for the manufacturing is harvested from forestry plantations.

There comes a common thought to our minds that natural fibers like cotton and wool are biodegradable. Even though they are biodegradable while they are obtained from nature, they will be dyed with chemical colors that can penetrate into the soil once the clothing is discarded.

Environmental apparels are expected to be game changers in the fashion industry and are also expected to make some psychological impact on consumers by letting them know what is possible. The idea with this clothing is to reduce the amount of clothing that goes into the landfills and cause harm to the environment. This also makes consumers think on how long they could own a piece of clothing.

Top brands that incorporate the idea of environmental clothing and takes it forward serves a great example of how unwanted fabrics don’t need centuries to degrade, and encourage the consumers to think about their clothing differently.