Full Bars On Your Phone While You Sip Wine By The Seine: Boosting Cell Service In Paris

You are sitting at one of the posh cafés by Lake Seine, with a glass of red wine, having a grimace on your face that contrasts the mild cool summer breeze of Paris. The reason? You Netflix show don’t seem to ever stop buffering!

Being connected to the world around you 24×7! Does that sound like a distant dream? Well, it needn’t be. The digital age of which we are a part of is fast changing, and being connected at all times is the need of the hour. You can upload your statuses on Instagram and watch 1080p YouTube videos without that dastardly looking buffering circle, ever appearing. You can browse through millions of books to read if you have a voracious appetite for novels or you can video call your parents who are aching to see how their kid is taking on the world…

All of this, you can do with just a touch of your finger! But truth be told, your $500 cell phone becomes nothing more than a glorified MP4 player if you were to lose signal! Witnessing that dimly lit, life-drained signal bar at the top of your phone screen is not on anybody’s wish-list!

Well, thanks to science and technology, that is all but a distant nightmare! You won’t lose your mind over losing signal, thanks to cell phone signal booster. Cell phone signal boosters do exactly as they are named. They boost cell signals!

The reason for the sub-par internet speeds and the static, blurred calls is all because of poor signal strength. How do signals get weak? You may ask. Well it is because of interference. Interference is anything that blocks the path of a cell phone signal from the nearest cell tower. This could be a skyscraper like edifice, or even the hill nearby.

The cell service booster captures weak signal in the area using its antenna. The weakened signal is then boosted with the help of an amplifier, and then the boosted signal is broadcasted again for use by your phone. Your phone only needs to work half as much, and the quality spike in the connection will be noticeable immediately!

You can then sit at that posh café by Lake Seine, sipping on your glass of red wine while watching your favourite Netflix show…all the while having a contended smile on your face.