Important Considerations for Buying a Heart-Shaped Diamond

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Heart-shaped diamonds are clearly one of the most attractive shapes among all the available diamond shapes. They are the classic symbols of love and romance and is preferred by passionate and romantic couples. There are several varieties of this type of diamond available in different settings. You need to remember a host of factors and not listen to statements like those provided in Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews as they can be misleading. Below is a discussion on these factors that you have to bear in mind as you go looking for a heart-shaped diamond.

Pick the Color Grade

Heart-shaped jewels will generally hold colors and demonstrate any tints in the stone. This is the reason they are perfect for gemstones and shaded diamonds. This is a great choice if it is about parading the color of the stone. In case you are not limited by spending plan, pick a colorless grade (D-E-F) for the best appearance. Nonetheless, if you favor warm tones in your precious stone, you can select to drop the shading grade down. As far as value, each shading evaluation up accompanies a premium, and regularly the distinction between grades can be undefined.

The shading grade you pick somewhat relies on the setting of the gems. If the jewel is set in yellow or rose gold, you can settle for a color grade as low as J. However, if the jewel is set in white gold or platinum, smallest tint within the stone will be recognizable. It is ideal to pick H grade or higher.

Choose the Clarity Grade

It is effortless to see defects in the heart-shaped stone because of the faceting framework and clear table. For whatever length of time that the jewel is eye-clean, it truly does not make a difference what grade you choose. Pick lower grades on the clarity scale without there being detectable flaws as this will give you the best output for your cash.

For bigger stones, it is recommended to pick between Flawless to Very Very Slightly Included 2 (VVS2) as they will generally display inclusions all the more promptly.

Select the Ideal Ring Setting for Heart Shaped Diamond

The heart shape is considered a bold statement among diamond shapes. They look incredible in solitaire settings as this helps to highlight the profile of the stone and makes it stand out on your finger. All said, there might be some vulnerability because of its pointed tip.

Make sure you consider all the above factors if you are looking to buy a heart-shaped diamond.