How To Increase Mobile Signal Strength?

In this world of increasing mobile phone users, one question that is asked by a handful is ‘How to increase mobile signal strength?’ it goes without saying, that the number of phone users has quadrupled since 2005, and there are no signs of slowing down. The number of mobile users is increasing in rural areas and the urban dwellers have been left in the dust.

But the issue with this is that the number of users is growing beyond which the innovation in cellular technology is able to catch up. Due to this, weak reception has become a common issue, which can happen to you, anytime and anywhere.

However, there are a few things you can do to increase the strength of your mobile signal:

Upgrade To A Newer Phone

If you are using a phone that is older, say supports only 3G and not LTE, then it might mean it is time to upgrade your phone. There are plenty of affordable models that provide greatly improved data speeds and voice call clarity, and with the added benefits of VoLTE (voice over LTE), Wi-Fi calling and many others, you can truly bid goodbye to your reception woes.

Switch Over To A Different Carrier

There will be a high probability that the number of cell towers in your vicinity is not many or that they are too far off. Another possibility is the high traffic load that is choking the network. The best option in such a case would be to switch over to another network carrier.

A Guaranteed Solution

If you are looking for a permanent solution, then it is best to invest in a quality gadget- the cell phone signal booster. It is no bigger than a set-top box of your television. Another component is the external antenna that you can hook on to your roof or any outside surface which has no obstructions. The external antenna captures the signal and then the amplifier in the cell phone booster boosts the signal. The boosted signal is then made available to your phone and multiple other devices in the vicinity.

Rest assured that most of your reception problems for the next couple of years are completely covered under this. There is only a one-time cost of buying the call booster in the beginning and there are no other strings attached. You can make use of a call booster with any network carrier of your choice.