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It will be undoubtedly exciting and wonderful to explore foreign cities. When it comes to the top tourist destinations in the world, Paris will be one of the top-most ones. The French capital is a paradise that features a vast range of uncountable and unique attractions. There will be hardly anything you cannot find here irrespective of your age, gender, areas of interest, budget, etc. Usually, most people may think about the astounding museums, restaurants, nightclubs, adventurous, spots, gardens, parks, etc., when planning a trip to Paris.

However, for some people, a trip is never complete without their favorite books irrespective of the variety of attractions that destination boasts. So, it is natural for all the book worms out there to stuff some of their favorite books in their baggage. However, this may consume good amount of space in your bag leaving less room for your other essentials such as clothes, accessories, etc. Note that experts recommend book lovers to avoid taking your books with you on your Parisian trip. Rather, you may purchase an eclectic variety of book from the French capital. After all, Paris is reputed as the literary capital and the city is very crucial to keep up its name.

Plus, you can explore the places in the city of Lights where your favorite authors lived, ate, drank, died, etc. Needless to mention, the feeling of curling up with an outstanding book at any of the picturesque and dreamy locations in Paris will be indefinable. Some of the best spots in Paris where you can find some of the amazing book stores in the capital city of France are listed below. You may explore these options irrespective of whether you are in the city for a couple of weeks or are just passing by.

La Hune

Located in the 6th arrondissement, La hune is an ancient book store that is located at a calm corner of the city in the Saint-Germaine neighborhood. This bookshop featured more of a bohemian flair in the olden days. However, the store is renovated a few years later and now, it boasts a refined and sophisticated appeal. The book store constitutes of 2 floors; the ground floor is crammed with French literature and books on the humanities.

On the upper floor, you can find an incredible selection of cinema and fine art books. The store will be open every day. However, the opening hours of La Hune tend to change at times. Hence, it is better to either refer to their official website or consult your private tour guide Paris before coming here.

Librairie Galignani

Do you know that Librairie Galignani is the first English bookshop to be established on the European continent? This book store was established in the 18th century and is located on Rue de Rivoli. For better understanding, the closest landmark near to the book store is the Place de la Concorde in the 1st arrondissement.

Librairie Galignani has a decent collection of book in the genres including French literature, English literature, and history. Apart from this, you can find an outstanding collection of books about travel, fashion, designs, architecture, etc., written in both English and French. This ancient book store is open through Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Violette & Co.

Located in the 11th arrondissement nearby Place de la Bastille, this is a huge book store that features a countless number of books on various subjects. Violette & Co. spans more than 2600 ft of floor space; now, you would have imagined the number of books the store include. Here, you can find books for both leisure reading and education.

The main highlight of the bookstore is that the owners have strived to include books that represent sensitive topics such as homosexuality and women’s right so that every person reading those books will be enlightened. This type of book collection includes works on homophobia, rape, deportation, adoption, gender equality, religion, etc. There is also a different section for young readers and beginners here. Additionally, debates, lectures, exhibitions, etc., are some of the common events that take place at Violette & Co.

Shakespeare and Company

Who can ignore the world-renowned English poet and actor, William Shakespeare when it comes to book-reading? As a result of his outstanding works, the artist was often referred to as the ‘national poet of England’ and ‘Bard of Avon’. One of the book shops in Paris is named after him. This green book store features a wide range of collection from the past since it is inspired by several writers, readers, and travelers over the years.

Since the book store is too small and is crammed with a countless number of books, it will be hard to accommodate readers. Thankfully, they have a beautiful café next door; you can take your favorite book from their collection and find a perfect spot in the café to read it. The best part is that you can read your favorite book while enjoying a scenic view of the popular Note Dame Cathedral.