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The Asian culture is alive and well in the city of Paris. The city has its own Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement and is the home to some of the finest and affordable Chinese restaurants in France. When you are in your Paris city tours, you should definitely visit these restaurants. You will find some of the traditional and delicious Chinese dishes in these restaurants. Today, Chinese restaurants in Paris are no longer confined to the 13th arrondissement. You can find so many restaurants that serve delicious Chinese cuisines.

Here is a list of some of the excellent and affordable Chinese restaurants in Paris that you can visit.

Noodle Bar

The first one on the list is the Noodle Bar that serves excellent Chinese noodles. The restaurant is very simple; just a family bar that only serves noodles. Soup noodles and sautéed noodles are the two most ordered dishes in the restaurant. But it is one of the popular Chinese restaurants in Paris. Noodle Bar is the best place to bring your friend who has never tried Chinese food before. It is also one of the affordable Chinese restaurants in Paris.


If you know about Chinese culture, you may know that the North-West of China is home to Turkish speaking Chinese people. Their culture is at the crossroads of Turkish and Chinese culture. This is a blessing for all the food lovers in the world. The Muqam restaurant serves some of the delicious and tender meat skewers of the Turkish speaking Chinese. Muqam is the only restaurant in Paris that is specialized in the dishes of the Turkish speaking Chinese community. When you visit the restaurant, you should definitely try their delicious kawap.

Miam Miam Cool

The specialty of Miam Miam Cool is its excellent Szechwan cuisine. It is one of the spiciest regional Chinese cuisines. Miam Miam Cool is a perfect option if you want to explore some of the fresh and hearty Chinese dishes with a good dose of spice. They also serve homemade noodles. The restaurant is very affordable. You need to spend only $10 to $15 to get a satisfying meal.

Shang Palace

Shang Palace is one of the beautiful Chinese restaurants in Paris and also the priciest. Every Chinese dish in the restaurant is made with a perfect balance of flavors. Shang Place is well known in Paris for its Pekin Duck. Most of their dishes are inspired by Chinese cuisines. If you are planning on a date, Shang palace is a perfect option.