French Food Specialties You Should Try In Paris

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French cuisine is famous across the world for its diverse and rich taste. There are a lot of French dishes that the world loves. You can see a large number of French specialty restaurants in Paris that serves the native dishes of this place. If you are visiting Paris, there are a large number of French delicacies you should try. Hence, we are listing some of the famous French specialties you should try during your Paris city tours.


Steak-Frites mean steak and fries. It includes steak and French fries. This dish is found in other countries too, but French Steak-Frites has its own specialties. There is a restaurant in Paris that serves this dish only. You will definitely love this dish, especially if you are a fan of the native tastes of France.

Huître (Oyster)

If you love seafood, you have to try the oysters in Paris, as this is a classic recipe of this place. Parisians love oysters and you can find a large number of hotels and restaurants in Paris that serve oysters. There is a special way to eat it. Open the oysters and add some lemon to it and eat it directly from the shell. You will love this experience.


The list of top French foods will not be complete without macarons. There is no introduction needed for this yummy richness. People across the whole world love macarons, and Paris is one of the places where you will be able to find the best macarons in the world. Macarons arranged in the bakery shelf in different colors are quite a sight to watch and they also taste the best. Get some macarons for your loved ones when you return after your Paris city tours. They will definitely love it.


Quiche is one among the most traditional French foods you can get in Paris. It is a type of savory pie that you will enjoy. You can get quiche in different flavors including tuna, salmon, bacon, vegetable, etc. This native recipe of France will surely amaze you.

Moules (Mussels)

This is another delight that the Parisians love. It is among the top list of foods you should try in Paris. For the best experience, try the combination of mussels, French fries and white wine. This combo is originally from Belgium, but the French have welcomed it with open hands and made it one of their traditional foods. You can get excellent Moules-Frites in different restaurants and hotels across entire Paris. You have to definitely try this classic dish of Paris during your Paris private tour.