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Skipping the Lines at Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower

Not everyone who visits Paris gets the chance to visit the Eiffel Tower, as the queue to get tickets to the tower is notoriously long. Besides that, there is lot of confusion about the various options available to visit the tower.

Paris city tour operators usually book tickets to the tower in advance to avoid long queues and last minute rush. The various options used by Paris tour operators to buy tickets to the Eiffel tower are discussed below.

From the Official Website

This is the first place to check for the best price and to avoid waiting in long lines. Until a few years ago, individuals were not allowed to buy tickets in advance and only tour groups were offered this option; but now, anyone can buy tickets from the official website of the tower, up to two months in advance. These tickets can be used to access the first and second floors of the tower via elevator.

Second Level Tickets

This will be the best backup plan to skip the lines with tickets in advance. If all the summit tickets are sold out, these tickets will help you visit the museum. This ticket can be purchased by selecting the Lift Entrance Ticket with Access to 2nd Floor option from the ticket page before selecting the date. The second level of the tower is higher and the views are amazing. Moreover, the last reserved time for second level is 10 pm, meaning that you will have more time to spend in the tower.

You can buy tickets to the summit after reaching the second level, if it is not fully packed. Many tourists think that the second level offers the best view. In fact, you can find shops, snack and drink options, and more space in the second level.

Lunch or Dinner Tickets

This is also an option to skip the line at the Eiffel Tower. You can book lunch or dinner tickets at one of the two restaurants, Le Jules Verne at second level or 58 Tour Eiffel at the first level. Both the restaurants have their own entrances, which are away from the queues.

The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant is an informal brasserie that serve a chic picnic style lunch and more formal dinners that guarantees bay window seat. Le Jules Verne, on the other hand, is a formal French restaurant that calls for a dress code, and online reservation with a credit card is a must here.